Budget Bites in Los Angeles: Koreatown Plaza

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We don’t need to explain how tough it can be as a middle-income earner living and surviving in Los Angeles. With housing prices on the constant rise with gas doing the same, searching for food and reaching deeper into your wallet can become less and less appealing. Eating is crucial.. and so is saving money!

Fear not, fellow food seeker! Cause there are, and always will be, budget friendly bites in Los Angeles and all throughout the greater Los Angeles region! In this article we’ll cover one of our favorite local spots in Koreatown, the Koreatown Plaza food court

Koreatown Plaza, Los Angeles, CA

Located on the southeast corner of Western and James M.Wood, Koreatown Plaza is not only a mall, but it’s a place for people to hang and chill, bro. On those hot summer days, visitors crowd around the central water fountain and bask within the Plaza’s ice-cold AC system.

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I’d like to tell you to just travel head first directly into H-Mart on a Saturday around lunchtime, avoid eye contact with anyone and just hit those sample rows.. Or go into Bosco Bakery, get a decadent sweet or savory pastry and people watch.. but that’s too easy and isn’t necessarily budget friendly eating! We’ll talk about H-Mart and Bosco Bakery [mini choc-cakes are fire bruh] another time. 

The food court highlights a solid selection of Korean as well a few additional Asian dishes that are worth a try when you’re eating on a budget!

Though not hip nor chic, while you eat underneath hazy yellow lights and a lack of decor, the establishment shouldn’t be overlooked, definitely iconic and has been in Koreatown for decades. Business owners have come and gone, however, a few spots have withstood all of the latest food trend waves and always changing Los Angeles landscape while holding their ground. 

Here, we’ve highlighted budget bites in Los Angeles, two of which happen to be our favorites in Koreatown Plaza: Tonkatsu House & Pho 2000

Tonkatsu House

Hands down, one our favorite spots in the Koreatown Plaza food court. For around $8, you get a piece of tonkatsu that can easily feed 2-3 people. With it, you receive a mac salad, greens and some rice. The tonkatsu is layered with breading that’s crisp, a juicy inside and a sauce you’ll happily smother all over your sides.

Match that with sweet staff members and Hawaiian decor, and your boy’ll be burpin’ out an Alo-Ha at the end of the meal! Truly, a budget eat win that you can eat for lunch tomorrow!

Pho 2000

Often overlooked due to the ‘new-wave’ options and traditional KTP food court staples, Pho 2000 is consistent, tastes amazing and falls completely in-line within the budget bite family. What I love about these spots is the shareability with low price points. A bowl of their house Pho will cost you a little under $8. Yes, that’s what we call a budget friendly bite!

The portion size is phenomenal and can easily be eaten and shared between two adults. Solid, quality Pho that’s prepared well and served relatively quick. 

Pro Koreatown Plaza Tip: Water is served basically at every eatery, however, you’ll need to order to receive a cup!
Pro Pro Koreatown Plaza Tip: There are bathrooms located directly outside of the food court if the bathrooms within aren’t to your plaza standards.

So, have you been to Koreatown Plaza? What’s your favorite spot in the food court? Let us know your thoughts about eating on a budget in Los Angeles!

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